Biodiversity at Sea

Aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Science, this program introduces students to the eight coastal bio-regions of South Australia. Students will work with an education presenter to unpack the features and marine animals within each of the bio-regions.

Student learning is enhanced with a Port River cruise and searching for bottle nose dolphins that are a part of the St Vincent Gulf bio-region. View the museum’s dolphin to find out how human activity impacts on ecosystems and what actions humans can take to conserve these environments.

Younger students are given the opportunity to dress up as marine creatures and participate in a hands-on play session in our Rockpool.

Further information

South Australian Maritime Museum Education Programs

South Australian Maritime Museum

Term 1-4

10:00am – 2:00pm. Times outside of this can be negotiated.

Level: F, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Area: HASS - Geography, Science

Type: Program
Cost: $5 per student, $7.50 with Port River cruise
Participants: Can cater for up to 90 students in one day.
Duration: To be negotiated on booking

School bookings

ALL school visits must be booked in advance.

To book a visit, please contact the Booking Officer:

To discuss your student learning needs, or for more information, please contact Maritime Education.

Organising your visit

Please familiarise yourself with the following documents:

Include a ½ hour Port River cruise on-board the Archie Badenoch for an additional $2.50 per student.