Life Cycles: Years 4-7

Life Cycles includes an introductory 45 minute session related to themes in Biological sciences and Cross-curriculum priorities in the Australian Curriculum. Themes explored during the session include unique life cycles of animals such as marsupials, placental mammals, stick insects and amphibians that can be found at Adelaide Zoo.

Prior knowledge

Students will need to complete research about South Australian animals which can be found in the booklet, Cycle of Life. Students can read and discuss the ideas about growth and development presented.

What to bring

Teachers can download the Animal Treasure Hunt resource sheet for their students to use during the program.

South Australian Museum

Term 1-4

To be negotiated on booking.

Level: 4
Area: Science

Type: Program
Cost: $35 per class for the introductory session. Entry fee $10 per student, $8 equity
Participants: Maximum of 30 students
Duration: 1 hour

School bookings

ALL school visits must be booked in advance.

School visit booking form

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Organising your visit

See the South Australian Museum web site for information on how to support your visit.


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