Monarto Zoo – Animal Habitats Student Inquiry

This student inquiry examines the features, needs, natural habitats and threats to survival of five different animal species that reside at Monarto Zoo: Giraffe, Lion, Tasmanian Devil, Chimpanzee and Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby.

Students explore the various causes of natural habitat degradation, identify how Monarto Zoo creates habitats to cater for the needs of the different animals and consider how humans can help maintain their natural habitats.

Photographs of the animals, maps and video footage of the animals in their Zoo habitats are provided for students to conduct an in-depth analysis of each animal.

Teacher resource and link to student inquiry

Monarto Zoo – Animal Habitats teacher resource

Prior knowledge

  • Understanding of the world map and the location and numbers of the wild animals examined in the inquiry.
  • An awareness of the terms “declining”, “extinction”, “endangered” (refer to teacher resource)
  • Understanding of the concept of “habitat” and an awareness of the differences between natural and artificial habitats.

Important information

This is a digital inquiry which can be completed online. A visit to Monarto Zoo pre or post visit is not necessary but would enrich student learning. Bookings are essential if planning a visit to the zoo.

Online Resources

Monarto Zoo
Term 1-4

Level: 4, 6, 7
Area: Science

Type: Digital/eLearning
Cost: Free
Duration: Varies