Plant and Seed Conservation

Students led along this new trail will learn about a range of species of South Australian plants, including many listed as threatened or endangered (1 in 4 of native South Australian plant species (more than 1,000) are considered threatened.

Students will consider global issues such as habitat loss, climate change and impact of introduced species at a local level.

Students will also investigate scientific concepts such as seed structure, dispersal and conditions required for germination, plant recruitment, symbiotic relationships and plant biodiversity.

This trail also aims to increase the knowledge, awareness and opportunities for environmental action of this generation of young people.

Botanic Gardens of South Australia

Term 1-4

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Level: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Professional Learning
Area: HASS - Geography, Science

Type: Inquiry trail
Cost: $6.00 per student
Participants: Maximum 30 students
Duration: 45 minutes

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