The First Fleet

A facilitated 45 minute workshop in which students consolidate their learning about the rationale for sending the First Fleet to NSW in 1788, the experience of different groups, the voyage and the impact of  European settlement for the  Aboriginal people  of  the  region. Particular emphasis is placed on the experience of the convicts below decks as students explore our Life On Board exhibition and unpack their rations and conditions.

Students will:

  • Participate in a workshop to learn about the voyage of the 11 First Fleet ships.
  • Understand and identify the purpose of the First Fleet, its route and experiences of the First Fleet convicts and crew.
  • Investigate the range of crimes punishable by transportation and look at the groups who were transported.
  • Consider the initial impact of European colonisation on the Aboriginal population.
  • Explore our Life On Board exhibition and learn about the conditions faced by convicts below and above decks. 

South Australian Maritime Museum

Term 1-4

Level: 5, 6
Area: HASS - Geography, HASS - History

Type: Program
Cost: $7.00 per student
Participants: Maximum of 30 students
Duration: 1.5 hours plus optional half hour Port River cruise for additional $2.50 per student

School bookings

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Organising your visit

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Include a ½ hour Port River cruise on-board the Archie Badenoch for an additional $2.50 per student.