Teachers’ Big Days Out

South Australia’s major cultural institutions in the North Terrace precinct and beyond, supported by the Department for Education will present the second Teachers’ Big Days Out on 15-17 January 2020. Loaded with professional learning opportunities for educators, aligned to the Curriculum and covering multiple learning areas and year levels. 

Drawing in the Gallery (Years 5-12)

This workshop invites participants to reflect on the portrait and self-portraiture as a form of artistic expression using Reggio Emilia’s pedagogic approach. Combined with a viewing of the permanent collection, students…

Changing Places Facilitated Workshop

The Migration Museum is committed to telling the stories of people who live these significant changes. The exhibition Changing Places shares migration stories of some of the newest South Australians. Who…

Ediacaran Fossils of the Flinders Ranges

The Ediacaran Fossils of the Flinders Ranges eBook has been created to support teachers when addressing the concepts of geological time and evolution with their students. It provides background information on South Australian Ediacaran fossil discoveries and their scientific importance…

Girl Asleep Digital Education Package

The Girl Asleep Digital Education Package is a free learning resource for award-winning coming-of-age film Girl Asleep. The two-part offering gives students and teachers an imaginative and dynamic insight into…

Being a child in the nineteenth century

This program takes students on a journey of exploring the past- school life and daily life of colonial Australia (1836-1875) before schooling became compulsory in South Australia. What did children…

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This website offers preschool to year 12 teachers an extensive range of learning opportunities developed by the following organisations and supported by the South Australian Department for Education

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Mobile Technologies and Nature

Discover how to use tablets and smartphones for nature-based teaching and gain knowledge that can be directly taken back to a school setting.

This STEM-focused workshop will develop skills in:

•Photography, including light and composition
•The use of external lens attachments to take beautiful up-close photos
•Editing photos using free mobile Apps
•Using digital microscopes to observe flowers and seeds up close

For all educators from Pre-school to secondary years

Overview: First Contacts

Overview: First Contacts

1. What was life like for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples before the arrival of the Europeans?
2. Why did the Europeans settle in Australia?
3. What was the nature and consequence of contact between Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples and early traders, explorers and settlers?

Overview: First Contacts

Colonial Footprints

Why did the SA government company decide to site Adelaide where it currently is? What tools and instruments were used to plan out the site?

What would you look for? Water supply, ease of accessibility, fertility of land, ease of travel!