Being a child in the nineteenth century

In this fun education program students explore the past, focusing on school life and daily life of colonial Australia (1836-1875) before schooling became compulsory in South Australia.

What did children learn at school? What technology was used?  

The program will:

  • connect the past to the present through developing an understanding of school life in the nineteenth century
  • explore the use of slate and slate pencils
  • explore the history of this site
  • consider the effects of colonization for Indigenous Australians
  • consider how laws affected the lives of people, past and present.

It is recommended that teachers explore the concepts of personal and family histories and the past and present with students prior to the program.

Migration Museum

Term 1-4

Level: F, 1, 2, 3
Area: HASS - Civics and Citizenship, HASS - History, Technologies

Type: Workshop
Cost: $7 per student $3 equity
Participants: Maximum of 30 students
Duration: 90 minutes

School bookings

ALL school visits must be booked in advance.

To book a visit please contact the Migration Museum.

Please note that all bookings must be made by phone.


60 min program:
$5.00 per student/$2.50 equity

90 min program:
$7.00 per student/$3.00 equity

120 min program:
$9.00 per student/$4.00 equity

Organising your visit

For more information and to discuss your student learning needs please contact the Education Manager at the Migration Museum.


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