Girl Asleep Digital Education Package

The Girl Asleep Digital Education Package is a free learning resource for award-winning coming-of-age film Girl Asleep. The two-part offering gives students and teachers an imaginative and dynamic insight into the making of Girl Asleep from the ground up, alongside a digital study guide that focuses on delivering innovative student learning outcomes in the classroom.

The first component, Girl Asleep: An Interactive Journey, is an immersive online microsite that allows young people to explore the set of the film, meet the cast and crew, and take a quiz to discover their ultimate film role.

The second component is a comprehensive digital study guide linked to English, The Arts: Media Arts and Drama, and Health and Physical Education learning areas of the Australian Curriculum for Years 9-10. Featuring videos, soundtracks and photography from the film, this resource is delivered through an intuitive microsite, rich with activity ideas, engaging content and curriculum tasks, that allows both educators and students to easily access information for use in learning activities and assessment tasks both in the classroom and at home.

This website is designed to be used in conjunction with the viewing of Windmill Theatre Co’s feature film Girl Asleep and has been created to provide in an in depth understanding of the many roles and career pathways within the film making industry.

The interactive journey provides students with detailed information about the creative process of film making as well as the technical and production elements involved.

The study resource is designed to support inquiry-based learning and student discussion with peers and others.

The resource provides links to classroom learning activities for the Australian curriculum areas outlined above.

The general capabilities and curriculum links are highlighted within specific learning areas throughout the resource for ease of use.

Girl Asleep Digital Education Package

Windmill Theatre

Term 1-4

Level: 9, 10
Area: English, Health and Physical Education, The Arts

Type: Digital/eLearning
Cost: FREE

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