Unpacking Histories

How are social histories put together? What stories can objects and documents tell?

Adopting a constructivist ‘hands-on’ approach to learning about 20th and 21st Century history, Unpacking Histories is a two hour education program which explores the process of migration to South Australia since Federation by looking at 4 or 5 case studies.

The investigative multimedia assisted workshop aims to show how the stories of individual lives fit into the local, national and global mosaic of history. Students will experience working like historians and curators, putting on white-gloves to unpack, investigate, research and record the lives of several South Australians and their immigration stories.

Learning Area: History – The Making of a Nation, Years 6  & 9

Students will benefit from having an understanding of the push and pull factors of migration and the differences between a refugee and a migrant before participating in the workshop.

Migration Museum


31/01/2017 – 15/12/2017

Level: 6, 9
Area: HASS - Civics and Citizenship, HASS - History

Type: Workshop
Cost: $9.00 per student/$5.00 equity
Participants: Maximum of 30 students
Duration: 120 minutes

School bookings

ALL school visits must be booked in advance.

To book a visit please contact the Migration Museum.

Please note that all bookings must be made by phone.


60 min program:
$5.00 per student/$2.50 equity

90 min program:
$7.00 per student/$3.00 equity

120 min program:
$9.00 per student/$4.00 equity

Organising your visit

For more information and to discuss your student learning needs please contact the Education Manager at the Migration Museum.


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