Motor Works

Motor Works is an interactive and practical educational program that gives students the opportunity to build their own scale Model T Ford. The program has been developed by the National Motor Museum to provide an educational interpretation of the motor vehicle and its impact on society.  Students watch a video presentation of the historical significance of the Model T Ford bringing affordable motoring to the masses. Students take on the roles of the factory workers on the production assembly line and with appropriate teamwork the Model T Ford models start to roll off the end of the production line. Each student will take home their own scale model car.

This program develops the student’s knowledge of historical vehicles and understanding of the processes involved in the construction of the motor vehicle.

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School incursions are available on request

National Motor Museum

Term 1-4

Level: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Area: HASS - History, Technologies

Type: Special Program
Cost: $7.50 per student, $3.00 equity
Participants: Maximum 30 students
Duration: 90 minutes

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All education programs are $7.50 per student or $3.00 equity

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