The Hawker Vans – ‘Developing historical thinking’

This education program designed for R-7 primary students is based around the ‘Hawker Vans’ exhibition at the National Motor Museum. Students explore the role of the Hawker in early Australia after Federation and why hawking was so important to consumers. Early hawkers travelled by foot, horse or camel and the impact the motor vehicle made to the hawkers to cover much larger distances with heavier loads is explored. Students will look at historical objects as sold by the hawkers and carry out a simulated hawking journey where they will spruik their wares in a mini scale model hawker van.

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National Motor Museum

Term 1-4

Level: F, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Area: HASS - History

Type: Special Program
Cost: $7.50 per student, $3.00 equity
Participants: Maximum 30 students
Duration: 90 minutes

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All education programs are $7.50 per student or $3.00 equity

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