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This session takes place in different places around the Park: On the Chimp platform, the Africa enclosure and at our Ranger Station at the Rhino Bus Stop. By undertaking activities that real Rangers do, students learn to empathise with the role. Students use field skills and appropriate contextual language to investigate and monitor animals. Using their senses, students will develop spatial awareness while observing animals; their adaptations for survival and the role of zoos in managing species.

Students will understand that managing animals in a zoo environment requires knowledge of animal behaviour and that humans put animals at risk by impacting on food webs and habitat.

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School bookings

ALL school visits must be booked in advance.

To book a visit, discuss your student learning needs, or for more information please contact Monarto Zoo.

Organising your visit

Prior to booking, refer to the Monarto Safari Park website for detailed information regarding expectations and programs.

Programs can be modified to meet your requirements. Discuss pre or post activities that may be beneficial. Consider excursion planning expectations of the school and clarify any questions with zoo education staff.

Ensure your required ratio of students to adults and remember to be sun smart.

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