South Australian Suffragettes web-based inquiry

Sources have been selected and brought together to support teachers’ discussions with students about the significant contribution of the Suffragettes in South Australia as political leaders, locally and globally. The South Australian Suffragettes website provides students the opportunity to explore human rights, equality and the significant impact individuals can have on a community when striving for shared goals with others.

This resource has been designed for teachers to make inquiry-based links for students to:

  • History, Civics and Citizenship (including SACE)
  • the Suffragette Movement in South Australia
  • Muriel Matters as significant suffragette from South Australia
  • views of history from multiple perspectives
  • primary and secondary sources

Teacher resource

The Suffragettes teacher resource enables teachers to support student learning in the web-based inquiry.

Online Resources

Parliament House
Term 1-4

Level: 6, 7, 8, 9
Area: English, HASS - Civics and Citizenship, HASS - Geography, HASS - History

Type: Digital/eLearning
Cost: Free