The Spice Trail eBook

This eBook guides students through six stations on their visit to the Adelaide Botanic Garden to investigate great journeys of exploration and learn about the history of spices, their uses and their impact on societies.

Students are introduced to specific explorers, including Vasco DaGama, Christopher Columbus and William Dampier, their journeys and the plants and spices encountered. They are also able to touch and smell the various spices and herbs at different locations and encouraged to imagine what their life would be like without them.

Prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of the age of exploration and introduction to key explorers including Vasco De Gama and Christopher Columbus and their achievements.
Familiarisation with the map of Adelaide Botanic Garden.
Introduction to a variety of spices, herbs and plants and their uses and what life was like before they were available. (Refer to teacher resource below)

What to bring

Classes are required to bring their own iPads.

Important information

This eBook must be downloaded onto iPads from iTunes U prior to the visit and completed onsite at the Adelaide Botanic Garden. Students can work in pairs or small groups.

eBook link and teacher resource

The Spice Trail eBook

Download The Spice Trail teacher resource

Online Resources

Botanic Gardens of South Australia
Term 1-4

Level: 4
Area: HASS - Geography, HASS - History

Type: Digital/eLearning
Cost: Free
Participants: Dependent on number of iPads available