Day at the Port

Spend a day in Port Adelaide, exploring the museum and surrounding areas. Explore the historic concepts and develop scientific understandings identified in the Australian Curriculum as you navigate your way around the Port.

Activities include a self-facilitated trail through the museum, navigating from the historic Port Adelaide lighthouse, a hands on play session in our Rockpool play area and an optional Port River cruise on board the historic Archie Badenoch.

Teachers are encouraged to visit the museum prior to an excursion or talk to the DECD Education Manager to develop a learning program specific to your needs.

Further information

South Australian Maritime Museum Education Programs

South Australian Maritime Museum

Term 1-4

10:00am – 2:00pm. Times outside of this can be negotiated on booking.

Level: Early Years, F, 1, 2
Area: HASS - Geography, HASS - History, Mathematics, Science

Type: Inquiry trail
Cost: $5 per student, $7.50 with a Port River cruise.
Participants: Can cater for up to 100 students per day.
Duration: To be negotiated on booking

School bookings

ALL school visits must be booked in advance.

To book a visit, please contact the Booking Officer:

To discuss your student learning needs, or for more information, please contact Maritime Education.

Organising your visit

Please familiarise yourself with the following documents:

Include a ½ hour Port River cruise on-board the Archie Badenoch for an additional $2.50 per student.